You Wrecked my Tahoe???

Jan. 2nd

Okay well today was supposed to be a kick ass day. I was going to go to the gym, get a nice workout in, not spend any money; it was going be an awesome day…. Apparently fucking not!

I started off the day by going to work and while I was on my lunch break I went to Goodwill with another coworker. I promised myself I wouldn’t buy anything. Buttttttttttt I walked by the book section and saw like 5 really books that I just had to have! So that set me back $11 in my “don’t spend money” kick I’m trying to take up.

I got off work around 3 and went to my mother’s house so I could pick up my Tahoe (I let them barrow it so they could take one care to Florida). So while I was waiting for my lovely family to get home, I thought I would bake some chicken, so I did (It was awesome btw). Its now 4 o’clock and they said they would be back at 2:30ish.. so I waited till 430 to call and see where they were because I know Atlanta traffic can be a real bitch…. Low and behold!


Everyone was okay and no one was hurt which is good. But it made me really sad because I work my butt off so I can have nice things, and my nicest thing is now broken. However, I knew they didn’t do it on purpose and the said they would pay to fix it, so I chilled out.

But as I’m sure you can imagine, I was not in the mood to work out. I was emotional and physically exhausted and all I wanted to do was go to the bar. Instead I went to the movies! Haha I know this isn’t the best option but let me reiterate, I didn’t go to a bar! so that right there is an awesome improvement for me!

On the food front I also sucked.


Food I consumed:


Leftover pizza


Red velvet cupcake

2 chocolate chip cookies




So it’s safe to say this year as started off like SHIT.

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