Like Excuse me? No!

Jan. 3rd

I was determined to make this day better! I set my alarm for 6 A.M so I had time to go to the gym before work. Well my alarm clock went off…. But I didn’t wake up!

I slept straight through that shit until 8! I was 15 min late for work and I didn’t grab my pre packed food on the way out, I’m hacking up some sick shit and I have a runny nose. So today is already starting off like shit.

So I’m at work feeling like ass, but I’m still getting my shit done. So lunchtime roles around and I am HUNGRY. I didn’t eat breakfast because I was almost late and didn’t have time to grab anything. So yeah I’m hungry, but I’m also aware that I didn’t want to eat fast food or spend a lot of money. So I went to Aldi, its good prices and they have some healthy stuff there.

While I’m there, I swear to God, every fucking person was there! I’m normally good with crowds, but ill be damned if everyone in that store was either; a. walking slower then molasses in the winter time, b. did NOT know the meaning of personal space, c. felt like it was okay to take shit out of my hand!

Like excuse me! No!

Now I’m feeling like Jesus is trying me. So being the Sweet Southern lady my mother raised, I just turned around and grabbed another healthy choice (counting to 10 while I walked to the counter to check out).

So, question, am I the only one that gets overwhelmed when then person checking you out makes you feel pressured to hurry up??

Like I freak out! And I have no idea why, but it is very stressful to me. Like if I don’t leave now I’m going to get arrested or some shit.

So after that ordeal at Aldi I head to the office. I finish my work I needed to get done at the office then head off to my second job. So I’m exhausted, I’ve been on my period for like 12 days now and I’m just done with the world, so I just went home after my second job.

So all in all it was not the best of day for the 3rd day in a row. But the good thing about that is the rest of the year can go nowhere but up!


Lean Hotpocket

Slice of pizza

A cookie

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