Hello lovely Ladies and handsome Gents! I’m sure you’re wondering what this blog/channel is going to be about, right? Well, I’m here to tell you! I will be talking about my life in 2017. When I say talking about it I mean talking about it! You will be hearing all about my weightless journey, relationships, and everything else! I will leave NOTHING out!

The purpose of this blog/channel is to test a theory I have. That theory being if I vent, talk, and take advice from y’all, I will become happier as a person and will learn to grow! I want to see if talking about my trials will help me develop a healthy relationship with my inner self and with the people around me!

A lot of people start things like this for attention or fame or money, not me. All I want out of this is the advice, knowledge and views the many different people might have!

I also plan to turn my life into one that I love living! That includes getting healthy, becoming a better student, and getting my life organized. Therefor I will set goals that,  I feel, will help me find inner happiness and badassness.

Each month I will set 5 big goals and each week I will set mini goals to help me reach the 5 big goals of the month!  I will be posting everyday or every other day tracking how I am doing with my goals and whats going on in my life!

Like I said before, I want everyones feedback, advice, or view on the things that will happen in my life. Hold nothing back!

I hope everyone enjoys walking with me though 2017!